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If you understand that
others are different to you, you start to become wise.
(from China)

Book: "There is tremendous unrest in our daily life."

News in 51 chapters.

Paperback and e-book, available at Amazon (worldwide) and any book shop; 408 pages;
ISBN: 978-3000548529

Buch: Es-brodelt-gewaltig

My motivation for the book

  • Passing on of knowledge to interested people, mainly but not exclusively to the future generations.
  • The trial is to motivate people into thinking differently outside the mainstream, and to stimulate necessary changes within our society. Everything starts with the first step.
  • The explanations of related issues of politics, economy and society in order to make people more familiar with the present unforeseen problems in our world and the comprehensive and unpredictable circumstances, i.e. economy, Euro crisis, regional conflicts etc.
  • Strive to reconcile misinformation and manipulation.
  • To put the value of human beings foremost. Not the profit and the economic growth which are the existing parameters.
Hans Hesse